How Bassie got her groove back

It’s been nearly almost six months since TV personality and media mogul Basetsana Kumalo broke her ankle and the star has been hard at work to get her groove back.

Bassie’s accident at her son’s school in March left her needing surgery and led to a lengthy spell of treatment and rest.

But in a series of Instagram posts this week‚ the star revealed the extent of her injury and the secret to her recovery.

The former Miss SA told fans that her accident left her needing a titanium plate and 11 screws in her ankle. She returned for surgery three months later‚ where they removed four of the screws because they were causing her “unbearable pain” every time she “took a step”.

But that didn’t get poor Bassie down. She’s been hard at work with her physio and says that she is still struggling with balancing on her right leg but it is almost fully healed.

“Okay balancing on my right leg is still tricky but my left leg does it effortlessly … but you know what‚ I am going to get there! One day at a time!” she wrote.

In fact‚ she even let us in on her sessions.

Thanks‚ girl!

Bassie went on to explain that she hopes her recovery will serve as an inspiration to her followers to not give up.

“Whatever you are going through‚ don’t give up! There is someone else who is in a far worse position than you! As my dad would say: ‘Keep the faith and don’t lose the hope‚” she wrote.

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