Sonia Sedibe loves her natural hair

Actress Sonia Sedibe has proudly flaunted her cornrows‚ also revealing that she hasn’t “relaxed” her hair in eight years.

Sonia’s comments come just days after a raging debate around black pupils at Pretoria Girls High being asked to relax their hair captured the attention of the nation.

Pupils from the high school embarked on a protest to be allowed to wear their Afros naturally last week and this led to numerous celebrities and high-profile personalities flaunting their natural hair in solidarity with the girls.

Sonia, who is known for her wigs and weaves, surprised fans over the weekend when she flaunted her cornrows. The actress was booked for a radio interview where she spoke about loving her natural hair.

“What was classic was when everyone got shocked at the fact that I may have trademarked with my collection of ‘hats-wigs’ but me revealing my rows and the fact that I haven’t “relaxed” my hair in over 8years left everyone perplexed!!!“

Sonia went on to add that her showing off her cornrows proved that people often make conclusions about people without “meeting the real person”.

“Just goes to show that‚ it’s until you meet the real person that you can then conclude … now that’s power.”

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