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Eleanor Douglas-Meyers is a crafty mom from Uitenhage who writes about DIY, parenting, natural hair care, fashion, food and fun on her blog JustEllaBella Today she looks at choosing day care



One of the most stressful things in the parenting realm is choosing a day care person or facility.

It’s extremely difficult to entrust someone else with the wellbeing of your child. This little human who you love more than life itself  – especially if you have watched or read the news in the last decade and are now fully aware of all the sickos out there.

Aidan has been at his daycare centre since just after he turned one and I love the place …
Everyone has a different set of criteria for choosing a daycare for their child. For me, apart from safety and proximity, I wanted diversity.

I wanted him to interact with people from different racial, cultural and religious backgrounds and hopefully make him aware of the beauty of differences.

The area I grew up in as a child was very, lets say, one dimensional and I didn’t really like how the smallest difference was frowned upon. I didn’t want that for him, I didn’t want  him to be shocked that someone looked different to him or had different beliefs so wanted him to be integrated from a young age – because, although this is South Africa in 2016, people can still  be very closed minded.

It worked out amazingly, his teachers are different races and religions and his classmates look like a tiny UN meeting – you know, like the real world.

That was what I wanted,  I also went searching for a “vibe” some place my heart was okay with because I’m a hippie like that.

That was my criteria … here is what some moms I know (whose kids go to different play schools) had to say, hopefully some of this will help you find a loving home away from home for your littlies.

Yongama’s mommy Vuyo looked for:

Proximity to work and home and whether traffic would be an issue with drop off and pick up
Cleanliness – especially bathrooms
And do the teachers look happy (loved that point, because if someone loves what they do it shows)

Gabriel and India’s mommy Adele looked at:
  • Operating hours
    The layout of the facility
    How the teachers interact with parents and children (I would hate to leave my child at a place where I did not have a good relationship with the teacher)
Lili’s  mommy Busi  wanted:
  • A beautiful and safe play ground
    Quality food and emphasis on nutrition (good point as Aidan eats much better with teacher Linda than with me)
Blake and Riley’s mommy Robyn checked on:
  • Age and developmentally appropriate activities (she’s a teacher can you tell)
    Gut instinct when checking out the place

What do YOU want from a day care?

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