Chasing the rainbow

Chasing the Rainbow Square

Meet our new Bay Voices: the Dirsuwei family – mom Sarah, dad Ralph and their three sons – Jacob, 16, Luke, 14, and Cian, 11. This Port Elizabeth family is on a mission to explore the world together, spreading positivity about South Africa through their travel blog, Chasing the Rainbow,

Where our rainbow began

Life is insanely busy. Between running our own businesses and parenting our three boys, writes Sarah, there just isn’t enough time.

Added to our mad everyday rush is the collective stress of the people of our beautiful country as the colours of our rainbow nation fade into shades of black and white.

A couple of years ago, we were feeling negative, depressed and uninspired.

Although it was impossible to escape our responsibilities, we felt the need to take a lengthy break from them. Why does it have to be just young people who take a gap year?

Perhaps the time was right for us to take a year off, to go on an expedition with our kids – searching for adventure, opening their eyes to the wonders of the world and doing something remarkable together.

And so the idea of “Chasing the Rainbow” was born.




Our dream was to road trip through the US and Canada. In theory we would then come back feeling refreshed, minds broadened and enriched and ready to tackle anything life threw our way.

We couldn’t quite work out how to finance this, and so decided to start the blog with local trips in the meantime – things we could do here at home as a family to practise our blogging skills while we built up to our big trip.

The more we looked for material for our blog, the more we found ourselves out and about, discovering new things and having adventures as a family – very different to our previous year of sitting on the couch on our days off.

Our goal shifted from focusing on taking a year off, to concentrating on doing exciting things together as a family and sharing our happy experiences in the hope of inspiring other families to do the same, while spreading positivity and a sense of pride about our beautiful country.



Sunny skies

And what a time we have had!

As our focus changed to family happiness and excitement, so everything else seemed to fall into place.

A shift in our mind-set and outlook has led to sunny skies in every aspect of our lives.

Our quest to find our rainbow worked – the act of chasing it has brought such pleasure to all of us, that the chase itself is our rainbow – the colourful and bright end of our storm.

Our gap year has not worked out yet. But it has become less important, as we have realised that we don’t have to take a whole year off to do something incredible.

Do it as a family

Everything we do together as a family is remarkable. We hope that as you join us chasing our rainbow, we inspire you to feel powerful enough to brighten your own lives.

We aim to help you enjoy experiences on our doorstep that are so good they attract people from all over the world.

And most of all, we hope to motivate you to get out there with your kids and create your own happy family memories.

Do you have any recommendations for fabulous family adventures here in the Eastern Cape and elsewhere in South Africa?

We will be sharing some of our favourite locations in the coming weeks, and would love to hear some of yours.

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