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Keeping Aidan safe

It’s the middle of a cartoon movie which I’m only half watching. I feel my son reach out his hand to squeeze mine tight.

“This is a scaredy (scary) part, hold my mommy’s hand, she makes it better”. (He instructs his one-year-old nephew)

And now I’m scared! What if I can’t make things better?

Stories of child abduction litter my timeline and the thought of losing my little boy shakes me to my core. We live in a scary world. I’m acutely aware of this having spent most of my adult life as a journalist married to a police detective.

Kids are abducted, hurt, murdered and as much as I want to, I can’t keep an eye on him 24/7.

The thought punches me in the stomach like a 20 ton boulder.  If anyone hurts my little boy I just might implode.

Here are some of the ways I’m trying to teach Aidan about personal safety:


I’ve taught him our names and our address (A boy was found wandering the streets a couple of months ago and he could not give the police any information, so I’m starting with the bare necessities – The address was difficult because every time I asked him where he lived he would say … I live at home with you … not wrong, but not helpful.


I ask him every night if anything scared him, made him uncomfortable or sad during the day (mostly it’s not getting more sweets…but better safe than sorry).


I insist that even if he is just going to his gran (next door) ALWAYS tell mommy or daddy ALWAYS.


He does not have to hug or kiss anyone he doesn’t want to; His body, his choice.


He has to hold on to the shopping trolley or to my hand in shops and never walk off without me.


If he gets lost in a shop he knows to go to one of the cashiers or the security at the door and wait for me.


I put a bracelet with my number on his arm if we are ever at festivals or crowded events.

I’ll add more rules and tips when he gets older but for now, this gives me a little peace of mind.

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