Dawn Lindberg in line for award

Dawn Lindberg
Dawn Lindberg   Picture: Supplied

Johannesburg theatre personality Dawn Lindberg has been nominated for a Women The Real Architects of Society  Award (WRASA).

The award is an extension of the yearly Women: The Real Architects of Society gala dinner, in the Drama Excellence category and the Icon of the Year category.

The Naledi Theatre Awards executive producer Lindberg, who staged the 12th annual Naledis in April this year, says these nominations have come as a complete surprise.

“My primary focus for the past 12 years has been giving Awards,” she says, “I never expect to be given an award, so these nominations came completely out of the blue!”

Lindberg and her husband Des have been in show business for the last 51 years, which is exactly how long they have been married for.

“I have spent my entire adult life in the entertainment and theatre industry,” she says, “so it’s encouraging to be nominated for an award like this.”

Presented by former Miss South Africa, now businesswoman, Joan Ramagoshi Madibeng, the awards celebrate notable women for their continued pursuit of excellence. The Women Real Architects of Society Awards 2016 aim to recognise outstanding achievements by women in different fields.

The Drama Excellence Award, for which Lindberg has been nominated, is presented to a woman that has made a significant contribution to performing arts in drama, such as writing and producing plays; action in verse; mime; formal or popular work; and drama development projects, while the Icon Award will recognise just that: a shining star in our society.

Lindberg believes an awards ceremony for the matriarchs of South Africa is well warranted. “For generations, women have been pushed into the shadows and I’ve always found the phrase ‘behind every successful man, is a woman’ pretty offensive!

“However, since the birth of our exceptionally wise Constitution in 1994, more and more women are moving to centre stage and into the spotlight. In government, business, sport and the arts, women are becoming the ‘movers and the shapers’, the true ‘architects’ of society.

“Women have always been the nurturers, the mothers, but now we do not only perform these roles at home, but in the workplace, in politics, as CEO’s and academics, smashing through glass ceilings fearlessly and with confidence,” she explains.

And these Awards aim to identify these exemplary women. Announcing the opening of the nominations, Ramagoshi Madibeng, said; “In the last twenty years South African women have made strides in the public and private sector, they have been instrumental in building confidence and skill towards economic development.

“This Awards ceremony is a platform that honours and celebrates woman from all walks of life, awarding different women in one event. The aim is to celebrate the outstanding achievements made by women in the world of business, community and leadership in South Africa. We are commemorating 60 years of the women’s march to the union buildings and this year we are dedicating these Awards to the brave women and unsung heroines of yesterday and today.”

The Women Real Architects of Society Awards 2016 will be announced on Saturday,  August 20, at the Theatre on the Track in Kyalami, Johannesburg.


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