Masekela teams up with J’Something for #EveryTerrain challenge

Hugh Masekela
Hugh Masekela

The song was created in less than 48 hours as part of the Mercedes Benz #EveryTerrain challenge and sees local stars venturing across South Africa and tackling every terrain.

This time‚ Bra Hugh‚ as he is affectionately known‚ and J’Something took to the south coast of the country‚ Tsitsikamma‚ to find inspiration for their newest collaboration.

Taking to Instagram‚ J’Something shared his experience‚ saying: “I got to spend some time with the legend Hugh Masekela and this journey sparked my creativity. We came up with a song called Heaven In You which is my love letter from Bra Hugh to South Africa.”

“I really wanted to pay tribute to you [Hugh]‚” said J’Something of the song‚ to which Hugh responded‚ giving his nod of approval: “It’s brilliant.”

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