Girls for STEM career lunch

Girls for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Stem), a programme dedicated to inspiring young girls towards Stem subjects and ultimately careers, hosted a businesswomen’s lunch at the Propella Business Incubator in Port Elizabeth this past weekend.

The lunch brought together 12 leading women in the fields of Stem and related careers and Grade 9 pupils in the programme in a frank discussion on future careers and the importance of subject selection.

“The programme aims to inspire our participants to envision themselves in Stem careers, so we had to create the opportunity for them to interact with local role models from Stem-related business and academia,” said Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University senior innovation manager Mary-Ann Chetty who heads the Girls for Stem pilot programme in partnership with the Propella Business Incubator.

“It was great to see that so many women honoured the invitation to give of their time to inspire these young girls.

“The programme is designed for girls to understand their strengths and preferences with regard to Stem subjects. We want them to understand their own possibilities and make informed decisions. We aim to inspire and empower them through this programme to work towards their career goals.”

Propella Business Incubator business support manager Ellen Fischat agreed. “Girls need the appropriate stimulation to expose them to different career opportunities  to start envisioning themselves in the scientific and technical careers as adult professionals,” she said.

The Girls for Stem pilot programme is funded by Charities Aid Foundation and run by NMMU in partnership with Propella Business Incubator.

For more information, visit the Girls for Stem Facebook page ( to stay updated on the programme.




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