Die Antwoord slam Suicide Squad

The blockbuster movie Suicide Squad has not just been slammed by the critics, South Africa’s zef rap rave crew Die Antwoord are spitting mad too.

The group’’s ¥o-landi Vi$er (corr) took to Instagram to accuse the director of Suicide Squad David Ayer of “jocking” their style.” Vi$er uploaded a montage onto instagram that compared characters in the movie to Die Antwoord’’s look.

The montage pointed to group member Ninja and actor Jared Leto’’s character The Joker wearing long trench coats with no shirts underneath. The video also shows ¥o-landi Vi$er and Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, both wearing three watches at once.

Addressing Ayer in her Instagram post, Vi$er said: “An when ninja texted u sayin wassup wif dat u said nothin like a scared lil bitch,” adding that they never gave him permission to rip them off.

She went further to say that poor Ninja had to sit through the whole bulls**t movie at the premier. And he had to be nice to Ayer because he was there with his child. “Cum show ur pretty face at my studios,” she wrote. Vi$er said Ayer had been talking about Die Antwoord on the set of Suicide Squad and had called Ninja.

But if Die Antwoord was looking for sympathy, the twitteratti were not up for it.

Gugulethu Mhlungu ?@GugsM said: “Die Antwoord, whose whole career is built on cultural appropriation, are upset someone stole from them?!“

While Colin MacRae ?@colinmac7 said: “I guess I’’m not the only one laughing at the Die Antwoord for accusing someone of ripping off their look. Pot, Kettle, Black.”

This is not the first time that Die Antwoord has had a run in with A lister celebs. In 2012, they made a music video that mocked singer Lady Gaga, showing a parktown prawn been removed from her private parts. Lady Gaga responded by twitter that the group doesnt have a hit.

Ayer hasn’t responded to Die Antwoord. But what Die Antwoord perhaps have forgotten is imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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