Skinnerbek has a musical week

The past week has been very busy for the people of Nelson Mandela Bay, especially because of the elections. I won’t bore you with politics as I am sure you have read every angle about who won and what, even though we won’t know until next week who is the new mayor for definite.

Talking about politics, Nelson Mandela Bay speaker Maria Hermans was in good spirits on Thursday morning at the IEC centre venue; she was literally jumping around in her socks like a child who had just been given a lollipop.

However, that was before she saw the election results, which left many ANC members heartbroken.

Enough about that – you can read about that in the news pages – this page is for fun!

Anyway, the beautiful people came out on Saturday morning when the regional auditions were held at The Boardwalk for Miss South Africa 2017. The line-up was (mostly) tall and beautiful. I really hope at least one of the Port Elizabeth entrants made it through – last year we had two in the finals, so here’s hoping.

Then later on Saturday your gossip girl made her way to the Feather Market Centre, where the multi-award-winning group The Soil was performing. The show was supposed to start at 7pm but there was still a snaking queue outside the venue.

It was good to see that a lot of people were wearing Mal’Stones designs – that local PE designer is going places. For example, Xabiso Ntuli rocked black-and-white pants which he said were from Mal’Stones.

After an hour, people started singing protests songs followed by ululation and screaming as there was no sign of The Soil.

While we were waiting, Harmonic Sounds tried to keep us entertained but the problem is that they forgot that it was not their event and wasted time on talking.

Their performance also felt like they were still rehearsing, the sound was bad.

One of the organisers, Thandile Petshwa, was booed off stage when he tried to explain the delay to the agitated audience, who told him to shut up. The Soil only took to the stage two hours later but they certainly made up for the delay.

I am disappointed in the people who took the entry money – shame on you, that is just criminal.

On Monday, I was back again at the same venue for the Out of the Box experience. It was a gospel show featuring Dumi Mkokstad and Bethusile, to mention a few. PE artist Andile B jumped onto the stage, joining Bethusile and Dumi. Even though he was not booked, he danced like he owned the show.

Umhlobo Wenene FM’s Mafa Bavuma’s laughing was a bit too much. I understand that laughing is his trademark, but “yhuuu”.

I ended my Skinnerbek shenanigans with the launch of Strongbow cider by Heineken SA at the Chapel Street studios, although I wish they could have held it over the weekend. The DJ from Cape Town was on another level.

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