Skinnerbek: Bowtie hotties buoy twilight of the sparkler

RED ANGELS: Liesl Beaton, left, and Melony Swartz stuck to the theme at the Jenni Gault Angels in Red function last week. Picture: BRIAN WITBOOI
RED ANGELS: Liesl Beaton, left, and Melony Swartz stuck to the theme at the Jenni Gault Angels in Red function last week. Picture: BRIAN WITBOOI

Pens down party got us jiving in the basement

IT WAS worth trekking all the way out to Fairview Race Course last week for the annual Jenni Gault International jewellery bash. The theme was “Angels in Red”, the beneficiary was the Heart and Stroke Foundation and it was hot, hot, hot.

Skinner loved the topless male ushers and noted that the models were dressed more like Victoria’s Secret angels than the church choir. Their skimpy outfits made me blush almost as red as the guys’ bowties!

The weekend continued to be a hectic one for your Skinnerbek as I was first shaking what my mama gave me at The Herald’s year-end party last Friday night before heading for another shindig at the Boardwalk Basement 1 parking.

The latter took me back to my high school days, since most of the guests were real spring chickens! It did feel more like I was attending a pens down party, but who cares! As long as there is music, dancing and happy people, all’s right with the world!

On Saturday I waltzed my sexy behind off to Cubana where DJ Richard and Blomzit were creating a buzz. Event organiser Thando Mduduma who is usually very quiet was chatty indeed and it was good to see provincial education spokesman Mali Mtima dancing up a storm.

Blomzit, from East London, did not disappoint and had us grooving to his tunes and I must say I was most impressed with DJ Richard. . . for a white guy he definitely knew how to make us sweat on the dance floor!

Musician Phaphama Kota aka Pakes had a great time dancing to the sounds of Blomzit; also there was actress Lee Duru who looked pretty in her black number.

We danced ‘til the wee hours, but how can you blame us? After all, it’s that time of the year!

I ended my week with the launch of new restaurant Le Vino at the Boardwalk (where Dulce used to be) on Wednesday night. The invitation stated dinner at 6pm followed by the Sparklers event (in which sparklers were lit around the lake in aid of charity) and then drinks and dessert.

Let me just say your Skinner does not just take up invitations to have a jolly time. Media folk like myself are there to cover these events, so for us it is still work at the end of the day.

It is also a very busy time of the year when many functions must be covered, so to head off to the Boardwalk and find one’s time wasted is disappointing.

We were all rather shabbily treated: dinner never materialised save for some tapas and wine; we were sent back and forth from the sparklers to Le Vino, then to Craft, then back to Le Vino with no one being able to shed any real light on the dinner arrangements.

Orders were placed by 8.15pm but by 10 still no food was forthcoming. Right there Skinner and the rest of the media gang decided to pack it in.

As we were walking out a manager told us we should bear with them since it was Le Vino’s first night. But why have a media launch if you are clearly not yet ready for customers?

As for the waitress with the scary-looking eyeliner, this is not the Twilight Saga, honey. The last thing you want to do at this point is frighten customers away!

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