Get waisted like the Kardashians

Kim Kardashian West shows off her waist trainer while at the gym.

WHEN reality television sensation Kim Kardashian revealed the secret to her slim waist after trying to break the internet with a nude photograph on a magazine cover last year, curvaceous women around the world flocked to get their hands on this seemingly new yet actually quite old phenomenon.

The Kardashian beauty, who has an hour-glass figure and bootylicious behind, revealed that the secret to her slim waist was a contraption called a “waist trainer’’ or – as it has been known as since the 1600s – a corset.

Today’s waist trainers are corsets that cinch the waist, hips and back. According to Waist Trainer SA they are meant to be worn for four and six hours every day, moulding the body to a slimmer figure.

La Femme reporter Nomazima Nkosi put it to the test.

I AM always game when it comes to trying on new things and being a guinea pig if and when I feel like I am going to gain something.

So, when I was given the opportunity to try a waist trainer on; like any Kardashian fan, I said “Hallelujah” because the “First Family of America” have some of the most enviable curves on the planet and who wouldn’t want to have curves like Kim Kardashian?

Day 1: I was very excited but when I saw the waist trainer couldn’t go all the way around my waist, I was worried.

Putting the waist trainer on literally took three people, with me lying flat on my back and almost seven minutes later, I was up on my feet with a very sexy silhouette and a very straight back.

I have to admit, I was very hungry before I put the waist trainer on but after I had it on, food was the last thing on my mind because I was aware of it the two hours it was on.

I finally had enough of my waist cinching waist trainer after strolling in the sun and soon realised my hunger was back with a vengeance.

Day 2: It was definitely easier to get on without assistance than my first attempt and I wore it for four hours without any discomfort.

Day 3: I did not have the energy to put it on myself but I was able to keep it on for five hours straight. The problem on this day was I take public transport; the train to be specific.

My advice to anyone wearing a waist trainer, is to better plan the time of use because it is not a problem at work until I have to go out in it.

Day 4: The waist trainer felt a lot more comfortable and more bearable to wear than during the first few days.

Day 5: It might be in my head, but I think I see a curvier shape around my waist area than when I started.

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