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Dear Jonathan, Thank you for printing my recent comment on an all knowing ‘god’. I note your answer agrees with my statement. If ALL a god knows is that the future is flexible then that god is not all-knowing. The god would not know what the choices would be UNTIL they are actually made. That’s the ONLY way free will could exist. Thomas

Hi Jonathan,
I disagree with what Thomas said last week. God is alive, well and all-knowing, granting free will so we can change our destiny and the outcome of some situations. Theresa

ARIES (March 21 – April 20) ‘What the eye can’t see, the heart can’t grieve.’ So goes a nasty old saying that has been used as a justification for many heinous, secretive, deeds. It hardly makes a maxim on which to base a noble life. Surely, we should always act as if we are under the constant and eternal scrutiny of some omniscient being. Although, if such a deity were to exist, would not he/she or it be able to assist us in other ways, thus negating the need for deceit. Honesty, today, may yet unleash the helping hand of a higher power.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21) Success. It is never down to what you’ve got, it always comes down to what you do with it. Equally, it is never what you haven’t got, it is more to do with how you may be failing to take advantage of whatever assets you may actually have at your disposal. If we accept this, then we could argue that the most important advantage that a human being could ever enjoy would be the ability to recognise (and thus maximise) opportunity, even in a state of apparent adversity. Now, isn’t that just what you are being blessed with today?

GEMINI (May 22 – June 22) Some people find it surprisingly easy to make something out of nothing. But if you really look closely at what they are doing, it is rarely quite so simple. Often, it turns out that they are making something big out of something small. They are amplified, inflated or exaggerated and they may have become so adept at this art, that the uninitiated can hardly even detect the raw materials that they are working from.

CANCER (June 23 – July 23) What are you worth? Aren’t you special? Aren’t you important? Don’t you deserve a little celestial assistance? They say that Heaven helps those who help themselves, and you have certainly been putting in plenty of effort lately. Expect to feel more understood and better supported soon. For some while, you have been looking at a situation which could either turn out well or badly. A nudge in the right direction from a friendly cosmos is really all that’s needed. And it looks very much as if that could be on the way.

LEO (July 24 – August 23) Why does Jupiter spend up to a year in each sign? How much opportunity do any of us need? Doesn’t ‘chance’ work like a starter motor on a car? Isn’t most of life’s magic a result of effort and energy, determination and dedication? If opportunity is just something that we need to get us going, it seems a waste to give us so much in one go and then no more for so long. Perhaps the cosmos knows how little we value it and how freely we squander it when we get it. There is still some raining down on you now. Put out your bucket!

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23) The time when we most need to watch and moderate our own behaviour, is often the time when we feel least inclined to do any such thing. It hardly helps if we overcompensate by going through phases of profound self-doubt at moments when we have very little reason to doubt ourselves. The very fact that we are keeping ourselves in check, is a strong suggestion that we need no further supervision. The past, whatever it contained, is now the past. The future, whatever you may fear, is an inspiringly open book.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23) ‘Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, when you’re young at heart…’ I’m pretty sure I quoted this song in your forecast lately and while I usually try very hard not to repeat myself, I can’t help but feel that it warrants another airing. There is something rather magical about the current cosmic climate and it bodes very well for any Librans who would like, if not to turn back the clock, at least to bring their inner-child out to play. Even if you face a situation that seems serious today, try pulling a face and poking a little fun at it.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22) Most teenagers go through a phase of wanting to watch horror films. Ideally, when they are a younger than the age recommendation of the film censor. And they would prefer to watch the whole thing in a dark room whilst alone in the house! That kind of ‘flirtation with fear’, is all well and good as part of a right of passage, but it hardly provides justification for a grown adult worrying themselves into a state of trepidation at the slightest suggestion of an unnerving incident in the offing. Be brave, today, and laugh off a fear.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December) On Monday, I was oddly specific. I said the outcome of the current conjunction of Venus and Jupiter would have a higher value than a bunch of flowers. I don’t wish to retract but ever since I have been considering the ethical implication of putting a price tag on a planetary alignment. I’m glad I used the caveat ‘ultimately’. It would have been wrong to imply an instant gain and I’m glad to be talking to a Sagittarian who knows that so many things are worth more than mere money. Even so, your outlook is good today.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20) For some of us, the clue comes when the hairs rise on the back of our neck. Others feel it in their gut, or in their bones, or in the way that their nose starts to twitch, almost involuntarily. These are all the little signs and signals that suggest our intuition is attempting to communicate with our intellect. Capricorns, for all their supposed pragmatism and logic are every bit as sensitive as the rest of us – if not more so! What is your inner-voice trying to tell you today? Don’t fear it or dismiss it. Pay heed. It is giving good advice.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19) There is an old Indian story about a poor woman who loses her only sewing needle. She searches her house till darkness falls and then goes to the town. A stranger finds her staring intently at the ground beneath a street light and asks what she’s doing. She explains ‘I’ve lost my needle but I can’t look for it at home because it is too dark, so I have come here where there is light to see!’ Logic like that, perhaps rather sadly, makes the world go round! But yours, today, reflects a more sensible supposition. Doesn’t it?

PISCES (February 20 – March 20) Is there hope for humanity? Or are we a lost cause? Should whoever or whatever created us all, give up in despair and let us go the same way as the dinosaurs? Is that what climate change is about? Perhaps, collectively, we don’t deserve the world that we have been so graciously given to live on. Yet though, our race often behaves spitefully and shortsightedly; but precious compassion, kindness, humility and nobility exists within us all. Today, you will see the redeeming feature of an otherwise sorry story. August is a powerful month for you.

-Jonathan Cainer

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