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getimage (9)DENIM is not only the foremost fashion fabric of our time – it is the right fabric for travelling and designer denim makes all of us look significantly fitter.

Where denim comes into its own is 35 000 feet up. Clearly there is no such thing as a universally perfect travel outfit, as perfection is an elusive myth and we’re all different but there is close to ideal.

However, there is smart yet comfortable, stylish yet laid-back, crease-proof yet not Crimplene. In short, there is denim.

The dark denims fashionable at the moment are the most sartorially versatile, crease-proof and scrub up well at the other end.

They can be a bit stiff for sleeping in – so, given that no one needs to see you in actual pyjamas, roll some leggings into the smallest corner of your carry-on.

Speaking of which, keep the carry-on bag light but structured, not too large (or you’ll just fill it with junk), and very smart.

If you’re taking a trolley case in the cabin, I recommend one with an external sleeve for documents and access to your laptop.

If denim doesn’t do it for you, dark or khaki cotton drills are lovely and soft, ergo good for sleeping in. But they’re a more casual option. Wear them with layers of light, good quality, long-sleeved T-shirts.

Don’t forget the no-longer-fashionable-but-still-useful waterfall cardigan. I never travel without the designer version: a DKNY Cozy.

You can wear them in myriad ways to keep the air-conditioning at bay.

You do want some tailoring, by the way, whether it’s a blazer, a coat or a trench.

If you need to look even more dressed up, a silk or chiffon blouse, stashed in the locker should do the trick. Also, you don’t need heels. A pair of slip-on flatforms are the answer, allowing for a change in foot size and adapting to practically any dress code.

– The Daily Telegraph

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