Comedian takes his familiar characters to Joburg


PORT Elizabeth comedian Gino Fabbri’s first commercial tour of Johannesburg opens on July 16.

Fabbri has performed for corporate clients in Johannesburg over the past years. He will perform at various outlets of The Barnyard Theatre in July.

“He’s so good, very funny, very entertaining, very original,” Spar spokeswoman Belinda Nel said on Monday. “I had him here for a ladies’ day and he also MCed. The ladies said he was one of the best MCs they’d had.”

“My thing is entertainment,” says Fabbri. “It’s not quite stand up. There is stand up in there, but there is also music involved.”

Before he was a comedian, Fabbri was a drummer in various bands on the touring circuit. “Drumming, I love it. I was in a band, Eminent Child, and we used to tour all over the place, Splashy (Fen, in KwaZulu-Natal) and all that,” he says.

It was while drumming that Fabbri’s comedic talent was noticed by Centrestage owner Gary Hemmings. Centrestage is an Eastern Cape-based company that creates “entertainment packages” that it stages in public and corporate arenas throughout SA.

Fabbri uses six characters to poke fun at SA’s multicultural, multilingual society in his show — Gino Fabbri is Completely Nuts. The Johannesburg show incorporates new material.

“They are all characters you know, that you have seen before,” said Fabbri.

The characters are traffic officer Helmut Ramspoed, German scientist Walter Pilenkompf, Latin lover Minuto Peniso, Footsa Kionaai (of dubious sexual orientation), Indian businessman Rancid Punjabi, pop-idol wannabe Ruan Hollywood and psychologist Reginald Snead.

Fabbri integrates drumming and dancing into the show. “His drumming is unbelievable. He’s actually one of the best drummers I have seen around,” said Nel.

See Fabbri at:

• 16 July: The Barnyard Theatre Emperors Palace;

• 21 July: The Barnyard Theatre Musiekskuur; and

• 22 July: The Barnyard Theatre Cresta.


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