Nells turn loss to ‘perfect’ day

getimage (5)A COUPLE whose wedding venue fell through at the last minute leaving them R8 800 out of pocket celebrated their day at Walmer Golf Club, thanks to the generosity of The Herald readers.

“It was wonderful, the golf club was amazing and the food was great, the wedding day was perfect,” enthused new bride Angie Nell, nee Wakeford, after returning from her honeymoon last week. “At the end of the day, it worked out better than we ever could have expected.”

Angie, who works in sales, started dating Alexander Road High School English teacher Jacques Nell in February last year. They fell in love and decided to marry later in the year, choosing the New Cash Store for their nuptials.

However, when the New Cash Store went out of business last year, The Herald reported how customers such as Angie and Jacques lost their deposit.

In the Nell’s case, the Sardinia Bay venue closed only a week after confirming their reservation and accepting their R8 800 deposit. The Herald report however, touched the hearts of wedding specialists and the owners of Slipperfields, Eddie Mac, the Buzz Factory and Walmer Golf Course all offered assistance.

The couple settled on the offer from the golf club, informally known as Little Walmer, and its on-site caterer, To Dine For.

In addition to the free venue, To Dine For owner Debbie Roberson gave the couple a discount on the meal and draped the venue free of charge.

“When I read the article I thought it’s not fair that they have to go through this. I know how expensive it is to plan and save up for a wedding,” Roberson said.

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-Gillian McAinsh 

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