Music dialogue will broaden reach

Music dialogue organiser Yahkeem Ben Israel in action
Music dialogue organiser Yahkeem Ben Israel in action

AN INNOVATIVE music dialogue will be held at the Ibhayi Tshisanyama in Motherwell tomorrow.

Organiser Yahkeem Ben Israel said this was a bi-monthly musical series that acknowledged that music went beyond entertainment as a measure of society’s consciousness, progress and general human development.

“We had the first session of our music dialogue in November last year because as artists we have realised that people think music is only a mode of entertainment. We want to teach people that there are many things that can be done through music.

“Music can be used to address issues happening in our society,” he said.

Yahkeem, who received the “King of the hip-hop” title at last year’s South African hip-hop awards, is no stranger to music upliftment in the Bay. He is also the brains behind the Grassroot arts festival that encapsulates and exhibits urban youth culture through hip-hop.

“The music dialogue will also give a platform to upcoming artists to showcase their talent. The artists will get to interact with the audience.

“This platform seeks to spark robust debate and dialogue through thought-provoking and engaging lyrical content.”

He said just as music played an integral part in the toppling of the apartheid system, so too it had deeper relevance in the challenges that faced the post-1994 society.

“Through this music dialogue we hope to spark a robust and progressive dialogue, engage the most pressing issues in an entertaining way and cultivate a music culture.”

Yahkeem said there would be live performances by himself, Blackseed, Odwa and Adon Geel. There will also be a DJ and a comedian. The event will run from 6 to 9pm. Entry is R30 and tickets will be available at the door.

-Yoliswa Sobuwa

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