Avoid being left in dark with a dead cellphone

CHAT POWER: Make your battery last by taking care of your phone battery and extending its life
CHAT POWER: Make your battery last by taking care of your phone battery and extending its life

LOAD-SHEDDING not only causes chaos for industry, it also often leaves the average cellphone user caught short without charge for cell phones.

Most cell phone manufacturers start off promising (and often delivering) batteries with up to 21 hours of talk time and more than 390 hours standby time. However, with time, and as your phone fills up with apps, this promise often falls very short.

According to Phonefinder, load-shedding has made it even more important to understand how to take care of your phone battery and extend its life.

Apparently, when it comes to cell phone batteries the smaller the better. As Phonefinder managing director and co-founder Lance Krom says: “Everyone knows that size doesn’t count. In fact, the smaller the better. It’s stamina that counts.”

He debunks a few phone-charging myths:

1. Don’t use your phone while it’s on charge Status: Rubbish You can use your phone while it’s on charge, as long as you’re using a quality charger that’s in good condition.

2. Using non-brand chargers will destroy your battery Status: Rubbish Well, to an extent. Non-brand or white-label brands are good, it’s the cheap knock-offs which you must avoid at all costs. The general rule of thumb is that if the charger is sold in-store then it is safe (all non-brand chargers will be approved by a governing body).

3. Don’t leave your phone charging all night Status: Rubbish Your smart phone is, well, a smart phone. Once it’s fully charged it stops charging. You can leave it charging all night, although if it’s already full then it’s probably best not to charge it more (for energy conservation).

4. Switching your phone off is good for your battery Status: True Experts agree that turning your phone off at least once a week preserves your battery.

5. Wait till your battery is completely drained before recharging Status: Rubbish Waiting until your phone is dead before recharging is called a “deep charge” and is not good for your battery. Instead charge your battery as it reaches 40%.

6. Heat will ruin your battery Status: True Even extreme cold will ruin your battery (so don’t store it in the fridge).

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