Ways to beat outages – from R30 to R6 000

save energyLife does not have to grind to a halt when load-shedding strikes.

But if a generator (about R6 000) is beyond your financial reach, try our suggested recession-friendly must-have load-shedding survival kit.

Lighting is always a must-have, so torches (about R50) and touch lights (about R30) will keep your home lit.

The solar jar (R179) has become a popular choice lately and stocks up on energy during the day so it can be ready to work at night. Solar jars can light up the home for up to 12 hours at a go, depending on the size.

Of course, candles (R30 for a 10 pack) are must-haves, with funky holders and accessories now available.

It is also a romantic alternative – think candle-lit dinners.

Speaking of dinners, take-aways do not have to be the meal of choice, especially for those who have taken a vow against them.

A gas cooker (from about R2 000) is therefore an essential.

But if the dent in your pocket is too much, the gel stove is a nifty alternative. Using fuel considered far safer than paraffin and gas, the green liquid-fuelled cooker will see you enjoying your meals at the usual time.

A two-plate stove sells for about R200, with a 2-litre bottle of gel going for R40.

Coffee addicts do not have to be left in the lurch, with thermos flasks (about R70) available for their regular fixes.

Sudden load-shedding, which can leave some with no time to charge devices beforehand, can leave cellphone addicts twitching from withdrawal.

So a portable charger (about R180) is a serious must-have to keep abreast with what is happening in the world around us.

And, of course, it is essential if you are lonely and need to reach out to people in the social network sphere.

With the winter months still to come, keeping warm during power outages can be a mission.

For those without a fireplace, you might want to invest in either a gas or gel heater.

-Zandile Mbabela

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