Forget about the Janu-worry blues!

Fashionistas: Megan Holden, above right, with her soon-to-be sister-in-law Petra de Abreu. Pictured left is Cameron Holden in her eye-catching headpiece that won her third places in the best hat category at last weekend's Queen Plate at the race at Kenilworth.
Fashionistas: Megan Holden, above right, with her soon-to-be sister-in-law Petra de Abreu. Pictured left is Cameron Holden in her eye-catching headpiece that won her third places in the best hat category at last weekend’s Queen Plate at the race at Kenilworth.

It’s that time of the year when we are bombarded with back-to-school advertisements, but let’s not forget there is still a bit of holiday to cling to for some!

This past weekend, I was more than ready to shake off all the Christmas cake calories and so waltzed off my sexy behind to Cubana in Humewood.

It was an ideal place for me to spend my last few rands as we all know everyone is affected by the Janu-worry phenomenon.

But by about 11pm on Saturday, the place was dead quiet – there was virtually no one in sight! Maybe Janu-worry blues hit the usual revellers, or else they were all in Cape Town for the ANC celebrations . . . we did hear the transport was free!

You can never tame this wild one – so later, much later – I squished myself into a little black dress and minced with the boys to Aqua nightclub and Cheers Pub. As per normal, to survive a night out at Aqua, you have to have a certain mindset as their music has no rhythm for an ethnic person and is so drastically remixed, that you can barely recognise the tunes as pop – much less dance to them.

The saving grace is that the dora is quite reasonable. However, what’s the use of it if you can’t work it off on the dance floor!

So off to Cheers Pub I went, not without trepidation though, considering the last time I had said I would not go back there.

But the place seems to have had a facelift with new furniture and much better music . . . and there’s no cover charge. Methinks I will definitely be back! As the city returns to normal, the beachfront has stopped being a site for lazy walks and, instead, is now the stomping ground for everyone and their auntie wanting to get back into shape. I’ve also noticed that Thursday night is fast becoming party night in Port Elizabeth, with Balizza leading the pack of places to go to whenever you in need of a good vibe.

It can get a tad full by the time your groove is on and you’re ready to hit the dance floor.

As I was shaking what my mama gave me, I noticed some rather beautiful people out of the corner of my eye. There was the delicious Emmanuel Castis, aka cash doctor. The actor and muso is drop-dead handsome and has an unusual husky accent (maybe it’s the Greek genes). As for those pecs – ladies!

Emmanuel could give a few of the boys in town some tips on how to wear jeans that actually suit your booty.

He is planning to come back to the city for a concert, according to his Twitter account, and I will be first in line for those tickets!

On Friday night, I attended Thembeka Kolele’s smashing birthday party thanks to an invite from a friend. It was a stylish affair with divine canapés and the Veuve Clicquot champers flowed from the moment we arrived until we left.

Thembeka’s house, where the party was held, is an entertainer’s dream. The lady of the moment wore a beautiful LBD with flats, and I hear she is putting on another soirée tonight for further celebrations at No 5 Boutique Art Hotel.

And remember the awesome Megan Holden, that Bay beauty who’s been a regular winner in the fashion stakes at racing meets like the J&B Met in recent years? Well, this time it was little sis’ Cameron’s turn. A looker just like her lovely sister, Cam – who has just finished matric at Pearson where she obtained four distinctions, (clever girl!) – was runner-up in the best hat category at the weekend’s L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate at Kenilworth in Cape Town.

The sisters also rubbed shoulders with the likes of designer Errol Arendz, and former Miss South Africa winners Cindy Nell and Joanne Strauss.

Megan made their headpieces and the ostrich feather skirts in white and blue. Cindy Nell even took her number so Megan could design a few headpieces for her!

Our fillies more than did the Bay proud in their gorgeous outfits. As the year gets off to a glamorous start, here’s to many more stylish shindigs in the coming months!

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