Let sanity prevail over location of fish farm

WHAT A CATCH: A grunter that has been caught on an artificial 'Rapala' lure, which is half the length of the fish
WHAT A CATCH: A grunter that has been caught on an artificial ‘Rapala’ lure, which is half the length of the fish

THE proposed fish farm continues to gather opposition and the question now is: will it go on or will sanity prevail to at least review the issue?

How important is public participation when the negative influences affect them directly?

The beauty and safe haven of the selected site must be compromised and overlooked as the equipment to be used to house these fish cannot withstand rough turbulent seas.

This must not outweigh the negative impact such an operation will have.

Recently it was quoted that if positioned beyond the Port of Ngqura it would create 500 jobs rather than the few it will create in its pleasant location.

Many more folk and their communities will benefit from the former rather than the few who will if it is positioned where planned.

I shudder to think how many jobs will be lost rather than created. If the tranquil environment required for these netted tanks cannot be found at another suitable site then the land option should be considered.

The old abalone and shrimp farm sites, since abandoned, seem like an option to consider.

We know the water quality is conducive to such a project.

The abandoned infrastructure could be rehabilitated to serve these needs and rid us of an eyesore along a beautiful stretch of coast.

The netted tank idea is brilliant but can only be viable in calm water environments.

The much talked about Hope Spot will be launched next week and begin a new era in our bay. In not long from now we will see the positive spin-off rather than the questionable future the fish farm has to offer in its current proposal.

We continue to see the effects of old infrastructure plaguing the estuary of Swartkops. At present there are many areas where sewerage is overflowing into the river uncontrolled from burst pipes. This is bad news for all recreational users and the subsistence fishermen who consume daily from the river.

The red tide seems not to be to threatening at this stage, although some aerial photos I have examined suggest otherwise. However the wind conditions are vital in keeping these blooms from congregating. Let’s pray for west wind conditions to prevail.

Spotted grunter have been caught on lures in great numbers of late. The large size of the lures suggest the grunter are attacking the lure rather than trying to devour them. Is this due to spawning activity and behaviour at this time of year or are these very ambitious or hungry fish?

The abundance of food might also be questionable. This could be due to external factors influencing and causing unnatural conditions in this nursery environment so important in boosting depleted fish stocks in our bay and around our coast.

– Reel Time, with Wayne Rudman

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