Magnetic characters allow for interaction

-wildbook6 FRIENDS HAVE FUN IN THE WILD by Brenda Apsley. Published by Human & Rousseau. Recommended retail price R139.95

CUTE, colourful and full of interactive fun, Brenda Apsley’s 6 Friends series of magnetic books are the perfect way to instill a love of reading in children.

With six thick magnets that attach to certain areas on each page, children get the chance to decide which animal characters take part in the activity.

The books follow a storyline but allow for deviations, with the reader asked to make decisions about which of the six friends will help in different tasks. The children then stick the magnet to the page, allowing them to change the characters the next time the book is read.

The brightly coloured illustrations, by Marie Allan, will appeal to small children.

It is a little bit of reading infused with a lot of play – perfect for the three to six-year age group. – Angela Daniels

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