Thick, wavy hair a must


Richmond Hill hairstylist SIMON CLARK picks up on celebrity Kirsten Stewart’s latest cut

NOT quite sure how it happened, but somehow American actress Kirsten Stewart’s latest cut slipped under my radar.

The orange colour is a throwback to her role in American Ultra which is due for release next year.

On to the cut, which is almost a spitting image of Meg Ryan’s must-have style of the ’90s.

Originally cut by celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger and known as the “Sally Shag”, it is worth noting that while this cut will work on almost any hair and can be tailored to any face shape – unless you have thick wavy hair, it will not look anything like this without either hours of styling or a perm. That said, if you have the right sort of hair then this is the sort of cut that can look perfect, just out of bed.

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