Hair: Keep clipping – or just cut it all off in one whoop

PIXIE POWER: Kaley Cuoco chose a new look (right) for her recent wedding
PIXIE POWER: Kaley Cuoco chose a new look (right) for her recent wedding

Richmond Hill hairstylist SIMON CLARK gives La Femme readers two options for choosing a new hair style.

KEEPING an eye on celebrity message boards means that I am always more or less on top of what is going on in the celeb hair world, so when one of them posted a slide show of Kim Sears (Andy Murray’s girl friend) I skimmed through it out of professional interest.

There must have been 20 plus photos of her but all I can say is that in the time Kim has dated Andy I don’t think she has really changed her hair once, unless you count the ponytail.

The same cannot be said of recently married Kaley Cuoco of television comedy series The Big Bang Theory.

I am sure that there are plenty of men out there who will attest to the fact, me included, that there is nothing like a wedding to persuade their wives that long hair is no longer needed.

This definitely applies to Kaley, who I think has been to the hairdresser six times in the last three and a half months and it’s not been for trims either. Personally, my jury is still out, until it looks like she has finally decided to stop cutting.

At the moment what she has is best described as a long pixie.

It does though give you the chance to examine the options when cutting your hair: there is either the Anne Hathaway chop-it-all-off-in-one-go or, as Kaley has done, doing it gradually.

Both options have pros and cons. The all-in-one means you have no chance to chicken out and you are guaranteed to be noticed. However, if you don’t like it, there is now no longer – please pardon the pun – anywhere to hide. With the slowly, steadily option you have a chance to get used to shorter hair but there is always the chance that you will chicken out before you get to where you planned to go.

My advice: if you like long hair, especially with the current fashion climate for short hair, don’t get married!

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