Jansen’s simple lessons on why citizens need to act

We Need to Act by Jonathan Jansen (MacMillan)

-book12OUTSPOKEN Free State University Vice-Chancellor Jonathan Jansen needs no introduction.

He is a formidable force in South Africa and his latest offering, We Need to Act, will make you “stop and think” about the country’s future.

We Need to Act follows the success of We Need to Talk which was published in 2011.

Similar to We Need to Talk, Jansen’s new book is a collection of his columns published in The Times newspaper.

This time, Jansen encourages people to get more involved in their communities by offering some very compelling reasons.

Chief among these is that if ordinary citizens do nothing we face even greater social instability.

He takes his inspiration from a diverse group of people and introduces us to them through his easy-to-read columns.

Jansen’s prose is easy to digest and his lessons remain oddly simple.

It is a book worth buying for anyone interested in what we can do to change our country. – Michael Kimberley


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