A hairdo worth a thousand words

HANDS ON: Lindi Wassner had her own personal hairstylist on hand when she married Simon Clark at St Cuthbert’s on April 5.
HANDS ON: Lindi Wassner had her own personal hairstylist on hand when she married Simon Clark at St Cuthbert’s on April 5.

Columnist SIMON CLARK gives La Femme a peek into what the new Mrs Clark – Lindi Wassner – did with her hair for her wedding day on April 5.

WHAT does a hairdresser do on the morning of his wedding? Answer: his bride’s hair. Traditionalists may have a hissy fit – back luck to see the bride and all that – but bridal hair can contribute a substantial chuck to any wedding bill, and who (modesty aside) would be better qualified?

When my fiancée Lindi Wassner married me at St Cuthbert’s in Richmond Hill two weeks ago, there were however a few ground rules: bridesmaids and flower girls were not part of the deal, and with a 10am ceremony I would be doing her hair at 7am (way too early in the day to my mind). Also we would not be practising every night, or ever, really, as it turns out.

While this may seem like a recipe for disaster, it is a good way to guarantee success, as if you create a perfect image for a woman before the event, it does not matter how good you are on the day it will never compare with the picture she will have created in her mind.

However, we did discuss what she wanted, with lots of help from Google. If you are struggling with bridal hair or anything else wedding-wise just run a few searches and you will have millions of answers.

I also tried to direct Lindi in the direction of what I consider a good Port Elizabeth bridal style in that it should be wind proof, and “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Although weddings are days fraught with tension, I don’t think it helped that I was planning on spending the night before with my best man (we have a history of reckless and irresponsible behaviour spanning 30 years of friendship). History also records that we arrived at the guest house on time and sober though well-dosed with coffee. Yes. 7am was far too early for me!

We then had to do my bride’s hair without me seeing her dress or any of the other bridesmaids’ dresses, accomplished by placing us in isolation in the room next door.

Though depriving me of the bridesmaids, usually willing and far better trained assistants, my best man – very much a man’s man – would be hard-pressed to tell a tail comb from a teasing one. Still, we press ganged him into service and 45 minutes and several coats of hairspray later, my bride’s hair was looking perfect and ready for her make-up artist.

So do I have any advice for future brides? Yes:

  • Get lots of hair pictures in advance, the more you have the better the chances you will love your hair on the day;
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff because your day will be over far too quickly; and
  • As for grooms: make sure you allow for plenty of time to deal with last minute dramas, that way you can take care of them without your bride ever knowing they existed.

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