Reprieve for Kunene as Khanyi Mbau gets ‘roasted’


THERE was something a little off about last night’s premiere of the Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene.

Kunene can feel relieved after all the attention fell on Khanyi Mbau’s genitalia – a-la last year’s roast of Steve Hofmeyr when Kuli Roberts endured a barrage of zinging one-liners.

But Mbau, surprisingly, did not shrink under the taunts from the Roastmaster, British comic Jimmy Carr, and panellists including Dineo Ranaka, Somizi Mhlongo, PJ Powers, John Vlismas and Tumi Morake.

Most of the taunts came from Carr, who either did his research well or perfected the auto cue.

Here are some of the more memorable Carr quips:

  • “Khanyi Mbau is here. So good news, they finally got the bottom of that barrel clean.”
  • “If you’re here, who’s at Oxford Road this evening? In the UK we have a name for slags like you … Slags.” – Carr to Mbau
  • “Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Suddenly my flowers from the garage don’t look so bad any more.”
  • “This is actually PJ Powers’ last television appearance. She dies next week.”
  • “It’s great to be here in South Africa. I’ve always wondered what Zimbabwe was like before it turned to s**t.”
  • “Tumi Morake is the only thing in South Africa inflating faster than the rand.”
  • “In Britain we have swimming pools, but of course here in South Africa, it’s called emergency fire pools.”
  • “Jacob Zuma has spent so much money on security that it [Nkandla] now looks like the prison he should be in.”
  • “Nelson Mandela’s funeral had to be held at a stadium, Zuma’s f***ing funeral would be held at a Nando’s.”
  • “The good thing about [Shrien] Dewani coming back is that I know I’m not the worst British man here.”
  • “Zuma’s got wives. He’s an idiot, he’ll never win an argument. Doesn’t he understand democracy? Actually, don’t answer that.”  – Andile Ndlovu


One thought on “Reprieve for Kunene as Khanyi Mbau gets ‘roasted’

  • April 30, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    How low has entertainment gone in South Africa when people want to watch RUBBISH like this!I can’t see anything funny or nice about Kenny Kunene or for that matter Jimmy Carr who avoids paying income tax in Britain and makes the most nasty jokes!


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