Merry metro mingling and ‘midgets’ going big

THE state of the metro address and dinner at the Feather Market Centre in Port Elizabeth on Friday was a not-to-be-missed affair. Though I was careful to avoid a Thandile Sunduza moment for the evening’s shindig (remember the bouncy MP who wore a canary yellow dress to the state of the nation address?), there were a few councillors who attracted the attention of the fashion police.

Some of them looked like butterflies in beautiful ball gowns while others might have trawled Traduna Mall for a last-minute outfit.

Councillor Andiswa Mama looked lovely in her yellow dress worn with red stilettos and matching red bag. Then there was councillor Nomhle Mzilikazi in a gorgeous turquoise above-the-knee dress – the only snag was that it looked two sizes too small. Speaker Maria Harmans looked radiant in her black number, while Thobile Johnson and Solly Dondashe, from the Nelson Mandela community royal council, dazzled in traditional dress.

For a moment there I imagined myself as royalty – I think your Skinnerbek would make a rather fetching queen.

Tourism CEO Mandlakazi Skefile rocked a one-shoulder white dress with black accents. Her partner was Joyous Celebration singer Sylvester Funani – wouldn’t it have been fun if he’d rendered a performance?

The programme began an hour late as the councillors were mingling all too merrily. It must have made for a pleasant change to exchange frivolities and swan about in snazzy outfits instead of having to deal with angry community members demanding houses.

Quite a few councillors did not pitch – some deliberately boycotting the event – and frankly that’s how yours truly secured her spot. Thanks guys!

Official Pat Ndlovu waltzed in rather late, receiving much applause from councillors. I am not sure if it was out of genuine admiration for her shiny green hat or because they were showing some love. My view is she should have saved that hat for the Durban July.

An embarrassing moment was when the choir struggled to sing the national anthem. Sies man, it’s like they never rehearsed it at all. That was my cue to leave as I did not want to run the risk of falling asleep in those chairs.

On Saturday, I went to MVP DJ Limburger’s aptly themed “Hangover Party” at Billionaires in Zwide.

The line-up included Bay heavyweights like DJ Ayaz, Scorpion, Jigga and Pro. There were some choice bottles of malt flowing and the ladies were dressed to the nines.

In classic The Hangover fashion Ayaz was seen drinking tequila straight from the bottle. DJ Warra also hit the tequila while on the decks.

Limburger, who often refers to himself as a midget, was tossed in the air a few times by promoter Thando Mduduma.

That was way too much trauma for your Skinnerbek, who vacated the premises for some much-needed shut-eye.

Have a blessed Easter and let’s catch up again next week! – Skinnerbek

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