Laughter key to childhood sweethearts’ love

Gino Fabbri and his wife Philippa.
Gino Fabbri and his wife Philippa.

PORT Elizabeth comedian and musician Gino Fabbri and his wife, Philippa, who is the director of academic support at Elsen Academy, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last week, saying with love and laughter, there’s never a dull moment in their household.

BWA Social Entrepreneur 2013 winner Philippa, nee Molyneaux, married Gino at St Bernadette’s Catholic Church on April 9 1994.

“We actually met for the first time at a Grade 7 party. I was invited by one of his classmates and did not know a soul so felt very left out and shy.

“He kindly asked me to dance and I thought that he was very sweet to try and include me. We met again a few years later when we were in high school through mutual friends and he asked me to his Valentine’s dance at school in Grade 11.

“At 11.55pm, he asked if I would ‘go steady’ (whatever you call it these days) and we’ve been together ever since,” Philippa said.

“Living with Gino has always been a bit interesting. Anyone who knows Gino well, would know why I say that! I have lived with the likes of Dr Evil, Austin Powers, Italian lover-boys, French chefs and various other whacky personalities!

“If that doesn’t add variety to our marriage then nothing will.

“These days our two boys, Celso, 12, and Lorenzo, 10, keep us entertained, and staying on top of their daily routines and schedules is a real challenge!”

Philippa remembers their wedding day: “I remember a few things going wrong. Firstly it was very windy and I was about 15 minutes late because half way to the church my dad realised he’d forgotten his reading glasses at home. Our priest was ill on the day (panic!), and so the only priest available was none other than the Catholic bishop Michael Coleman. Not many can say they were married by the bishop and maybe that’s why our marriage is so special!

“We laugh a lot and bring out the best in each other (and he is also absolutely gorgeous, which helps). He has a caring, considerate nature and is just so likeable and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

Gino says: “Philippa is the compass to my ADD personality. She is loving, caring, focused, patient, hard-working and loyal. We have grown up together and have moulded our personalities into each other over so many years. I’m very fortunate to have a wife who understands my work and my quirks!”

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