Warm chocolate and Nutella pudding

NutellaTHE Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosebank shared its executive chef Thomas Schmid’s recipe for warm chocolate and Nutella pudding.

Apart from catering for the late Nelson Mandela’s 85th birthday party, Schmid has worked around the world. Now he oversees the kitchens of four hotels in Johannesburg and the Lowveld.

He says these chocolate desserts are self-saucing, so the Crowne Plaza garnishes them with sliced strawberries and mint leaves. However, he says you won’t go wrong serving these with a more decadent accompaniment of whipped cream or ice cream.


185g dark chocolate
3 egg yolks
50g flour
50g butter
4 eggs
75g caster sugar
4 heaped teaspoons Nutella


Melt chocolate and butter in a water bath. Cool slightly, then add egg yolks and flour.

Beat remaining eggs in a separate bowl with the sugar until fluffy, then gently fold this into the chocolate mixture.

Divide the mixture into four ramekin dishes, drop a generous teaspoon of Nutella into each.

Bake at 150ºC for 15 minutes, and remove when the centre is still soft.

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