My Favourite Room: Kitchen confidentials . . .

WHILE her jewellery creations may be a glittering collection of crystals in a rainbow of colours, the decor of the Mill Park home of Jenni Gault is as down to earth as she is – the sparkle comes from the personalities of its inhabitants rather than the bling of its contents.

Designer Gault lives and works on the same premises in Westview Drive, and last week opened her studio for the launch of her new range of Swarovski crystal jewellery, One 4 The Girls, along with entertainment in the form of fire-jugglers, musicians and models.

She had no hesitation, however, in naming her favourite room as the kitchen.

“My favourite room, wherever I have lived, has always been my kitchen because this is where I spend quality time with my family. It is where we unwind and catch up on everyone’s adventures. We can share the joy of our successes and ask for advice in the challenges we are facing.

“Here we are strong, here we are invincible, here we can be silly with nobody else to judge us.

“We believe in family first and our kitchen is where we feel the safest in that, usually while I am throwing together a pasta or stir-fry in the wok, Bruce is putting together a pâté or pickling something or another and Beenzi, our son, finds it very amusing to sit halfway up the door frame, chipping in his bit about school or sports.

“And I am NEVER too far away from a well-chilled glass of wine.”

And, at the launch of One 4 The Girls last week guests were treated to Bruce’s pâtés – and that obligatory well chilled glass of wine.

My style in five words: Relaxed, simple, clean lined, functional (not “frilly”), comfortable.

On my decor wish list: Centre island stove and prep area for the kitchen.

Favourite colour: Currently I am loving turquoises and aquas – just coming out of a lavender stage.

Pet hate in decor: Overly busy. Perhaps it is because I am clumsy, but I do not like nicknacks.

My secret indulgence: Bubbly. While I love wine, the bubbles of a delicate champagne bouncing on my tongue appeals to my finer senses.

Favourite character from a movie or book: The silly side of me loves Shrek. However, Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon ( The Da Vinci Code) intrigues me.

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