Oh brother, church proposal runs in the family

WALK IN FAITH: Greg Moses proposed to Sade Naidoo at her favourite place – church.
WALK IN FAITH: Greg Moses proposed to Sade Naidoo at her favourite place – church.

WHEN Candice Moses’s boyfriend José Gallant asked her to marry him five years ago at a church youth meeting, she was convinced nothing could top it. But, coincidentally, her brother Greg Moses came close when he proposed to his girlfriend Sade Naidoo at church a few months ago.

Candice, a business intelligence administrator at Smollan Sales and Marketing, had met NMMU nursing student José at a Christian youth camp and was won over by his “kind heart” – as he was by hers.

“She can see the good in everyone no matter what. They say you know when you know and I just knew that this beautiful lady was destined to be my wife,” said José.

He said he understood how important God was in Candice’s life and this gave him the idea to propose to her at a youth meeting at church.

He went up to “testify” and then asked if he could call Candice up. Hesitant due to shyness, she went up to receive his thanks for her love and support.

“He then went down on his knee and the crowd went mad screaming. He said, ‘Candice would you marry me?’ and I was so dumbstruck that I just stood there while people screamed ‘say yes’. I still get goose bumps just thinking about it now,” recalls Candice.

Four years later Candice’s friend, Sade Naidoo, 27, a private banker assistant in East London, had a similar experience with Greg, a 25-year-old biokineticist who met Sade through his sister. He, too, soon knew she was to be more.

“I just love her bright and lively personality and how honest and loyal she is,” Greg said. He knew how José had proposed but insists it did not affect his proposal instead basing his decision on Sade’s favourite place: church.
Sade says she was expecting a candle-lit dinner or a picnic so the church proposal was a surprise.

Even though it wasn’t “strictly original”, she said it was perfect for her.

“We went to church as we would normally do, but I couldn’t understand why Greg was so nervous,” said Sade.

“After the service was over the pastor called Greg up to give his testimony.

“Greg in turn called me up to thank me for the role I played in his walk with God.”

Greg and Sade are getting married next weekend on Saturday, April 5.

– Eleanor Douglas-Meyers

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