Leave hairdresser happy – take pics

Richmond Hill hairstylist SIMON CLARK agrees pictures say a lot more than words and could save many unnecessary tears

EVER been to the hairdresser and walked out thinking “this is not what I asked for”? Well, imagine it from our point of view because we are often left wondering “what on earth does this client want?”

I recently had a client describe what sounded like a haircut that was 40 years out of date and it would have looked hideous on her (a “Purdy” looked good on Joanna Lumley in the ‘70s but may not look good on you!)

It was a dilemma, as most hairdressers have a pretty good idea of what will work for a client and what will not.
Most clients have at best a rudimentary grasp of hairdressing terminology and an even poorer one of what will suit them.

I am sorry just because you read an article on face shapes and styles in Cosmo last year does not make you an expert.

There is also the temptation, especially if the client has been particularly obnoxious, to follow the client’s instructions (the less said about this the better). Back to the client and her baffling description: in an effort to understand what she was requesting I hauled out a style book where the pictures she pointed out were the exact opposite of what she was describing.

Before you think this was you, it happens almost daily. Therefore, I put it to you, that the basis of getting a good haircut is communication. Sounds simple but it is not and it is one of the biggest problems we face.
Just Google “bob” or “pixie” or any other hairstyle you care to think of and see how many options it throws at you. Now just imagine you are thinking picture 1 and your hairdresser is thinking picture 2, 3, or worse, picture 4.

So – if you want to try a new do, take lots of pictures with you to the salon!

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