Celebrating in style

he Herald Bride and Groom 2013 winners Marc and Kim Chong-Seng.
he Herald Bride and Groom 2013 winners Marc and Kim Chong-Seng.

The Herald Bride and Groom 2013 winners Marc and Kim Chong-Seng won prizes worth R64 000 and said each prize would remind them of their blessed marriage and the love they have for one another. “Our wedding day was extremely windy and I think it was quite a challenge for Nikki Moss to capture photos without our hair blowing in our faces,” Kim said.

“She was brilliant and managed to work with the wind and we received great wedding photos.

“We chose that specific photo because it tells a story about our love. At that moment in time, we were lost in each other’s gaze and felt like it was just the two of us!

“Not even the harsh winds could stop us from having the best day ever! Marc had such good balance when the photo was taken – thanks to martial arts!

“He swooped me into his arms with such ease, held me closely, and at that moment I knew he would never let me fall.”

The South End couple received a prize package which included jewellery from Francarlo Designer Goldsmith, Defy appliances, an MSC Cruise to Mozambique, hair care from Ultimate Stylists, flowers from Pollen, a Sphere photographic shoot, gourmet dinner with 10 friends at Thunzi Bush Lodge from Three Fat Fish and the Function Warehouse, and a Herald subscription.

“We love all the prizes that we received from The Herald and sponsors! We are truly grateful for each prize. We like that all the prizes will be useful in our daily lives,” say the couple.

“When looking at the time on our new watch from Francarlo Designer Goldsmith to stacking the dishes in our new Defy dishwasher, we will constantly be reminded how blessed we are to have a happy marriage and the title of The Herald Bride and Groom 2013.

“We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the sponsors for the amazing prizes we received. We appreciate each prize and will be forever grateful.

“It is quite difficult to choose a favourite prize. We love all the prizes! We would have to say our number one prize has to be the MSC cruise to Mozambique! We always wanted to go on a cruise and just break away from our busy life routine.

“We have not been on our honeymoon yet, due to our busy lives, so the cruise will be our honeymoon prize. We are extremely excited to experience this spectacular getaway and look forward to creating many happy memories.

”We would like to be on the MSC cruise for our second wedding anniversary on January 3 next year or anytime closer to our anniversary date, if possible. This would allow us to celebrate not only our honeymoon but our second anniversary too.”

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