Bob’s your auntie for cool style

HAVING commented on Natalie Dormer at the SAG awards, here are two from the Golden Globes that are relevant to matric farewells and that you could achieve at home if you want too. Well, one of them anyway . . . I loved Taylor Swift’s curly faux bob which I thought was both retro and sophisticated, though some critics say the faux bob is last season.

I suppose because she has used variations before, otherwise I am not sure what I missed?

Most style critics, however, loved it and as the saying goes “you can’t please everyone”.

On to creating this pretty simple look: start with dry hair and use your curling or straightening iron to curl your hair starting at your nape and working forwards. If you have naturally curly hair you can skip this step.

It’s best to take your time here as the more curls you do, the better it will look. I like to add a little flexible hair spray to the finished curls as I am working to help keep them looking fresh.

Now secure your hair in a loose pony at the ends (bottom) of your hair. Roll the elastic inwards and pin in place at the with some bobby pins. Use as many as you need, but remember the more pins you add the less volume you will get. This style works best if you have some loose layers around your face which will enhance the impression of a bob.

As for Hayden Panettiere’s slicked-back style which seems to be quite popular at the moment, everywhere from the MTV awards to the Golden Globes: take wet hair, add cheap gel, slick back and leave to dry naturally.

I personally think it makes her look like she is auditioning for a role as a Klingon in the next Star Trek movie, but each to their own.

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