Two abused pooches drink up affection from neknominee DJ

Thulani Gqirana

TAG, YOU'RE IT: Bay FM DJ Neil Barker spends time with abused dogs after he received his neknomination. Picture: JUDY DE VEGA
TAG, YOU’RE IT: Bay FM DJ Neil Barker spends time with abused dogs after he received his neknomination. Picture: JUDY DE VEGA

TWO Port Elizabeth dogs were pampered and treated like celebrities this weekend when Bay FM DJ Neil Barker decided to take up his neknomination by spreading love to abused animals.

The two dogs were rescued from Schauderville last month after a resident called the Animal Anti-Cruelty League to report abuse.

Neknominate, also known as neck and nominate or neknomination, is an online drinking game. The original parameters of the game required the participant, or neknominee, to film themselves drinking a pint of an alcoholic beverage, usually beer, in one gulp and upload the footage to the web.

In the past week, the parameters of the game have changed though, with South African companies and individuals taking up the challenge and doing good with their neknominations, from feeding a homeless person to donating soup kitchens.

Barker said he had decided to use his neknomination on Saturday to raise awareness about animal abuse.

“Instead of downing beer, I went out to the animal cruelty centre in Cleary Park and spoilt the two dogs with some toys and love. I want to encourage others to do the same.”

The busy Barker is an entrepreneur and Rotarian who works in the conveyancing department at Burmeister De Lange and Soni Attorneys, but before starting there each morning is the breakfast show presenter on Bay FM.

He said he was nominated by Algoa FM presenter Wayne Hart and had 24 hours to complete his neknomination. He decided to do something good instead of just downing a beer.

“Gandhi said that we may judge the state of a country by the way it treats its animals. Caring for animals – especially ones as abused as those you refer to – remains my passion.

“Yes, of course I could have downed beers but I believe in making every single second of our lives count and for me, my life is simply richer because of my priorities.

“Just like life, it’s all about balance – so let’s do something worthwhile … and then down that well-earned beer,” he said yesterday.

Barker said he would nominate three friends today to do something good.


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