Best of Showtime awards

STAGE ACCOLADE: Andrew White, left, and Ray Saunders in ‘Hamlet’, which won best play in the annual Showtime senior awards
SHOW OF THE YEAR: Damien Anderson and Minkie Ludik in ‘Honk!’

Arts Correspondent

THE Ugly Duckling musical, Honk!, directed for Pemads by Greg Everard, and an innovative revival of Hamlet, staged by Linda-Louise Swain for the PE Shakespearean Festival, each claimed many accolades at the annual Showtime Awards ceremonies in the Savoy Theatre on Friday.

Honk! carried off the prestigious Nedbank Afriquin show of the year trophy and both productions received much other recognition, while the PE Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s riotous revival of The Pirates of Penzance also won awards.

Otherwise, the awards were spread over a wide variety of plays and musicals.

The full list of winners was:


Showtime Hall of Fame:

Marelize Barnard, Gary Hemmings, Danie Matthee.

Show of the Year:

Pemads: Honk!

Special Achievement in Theatre:

Rose Cowpar, for versatility in theatre administration, production, direction and performance.

Innovation in Theatre:

Linda-Louise Swain, for her highly original concept and costuming for Hamlet.

Best Play:

PE Shakespearean Festival: Hamlet.

Best Revival, Musical:

PE Gilbert & Sullivan Society: The Pirates of Penzance.

Best Revival, Play:

PE Shakespearean Festival: Hamlet.

Best Director, Play:

Lesley Barnard: Calendar Girls.

Best Director, Musical:

Rose Cowpar: The Pirates of Penzance.

Best Actor, Play:

Andrew White: Hamlet.

Best Actor, Musical:

Jody Butler: The Pirates of Penzance.

Best Actress, Play:

Alida Senekal: For her body of work: Dokter, Dokter and Mamma, Ek Wil ‘n Man Hê

Best Actress, Musical:

Minkie Ludik: Honk!

Best Supporting Actor, Play:

Ray Saunders: Hamlet.

Best Supporting Actor, Musical:

Damien Anderson: Honk!

Best Supporting Actress, Play:

Yolande FarrowI Calendar Girls.

Best Supporting Actress, Musical:

Jointly: Bronwyn Maree: The Pirates of Penzance and Jessica Sutton, Sounds of South End.

Best Debut, Play:

Alida Senekal: Dokter, Dokter.

Best Debut, Musical:

Minkie Ludik: Honk!

Best Comedy Performance:

Jody Butler: The Pirates of Penzance.

Best Cameo, Play:

Mark Farrow: Mamma, Ek Wil ‘n Man Hê.

Best Cameo, Musical:

Gerald Forbes: Sounds of South End.

Theatrical Creativity:

Marelize Barnard: for writing Mamma, Ek Wil ‘n Man Hê.

Technical Excellence:

Brigitte Mann and Linda-Louise Swain: For costuming Hamlet.

Best Theatrical Ensemble:

Major General Stanley’s daughters in The Pirates of Penzance:

Liske Potgieter, Megan Hillmer, Kerry-Lee Jeffrey, Melissa Leander, Danielle Mentoor, Amy Palmer, Lara Potgieter, Chloe Shelton, Anke Staphorst, Kasvia von Memerty.


Best Director:

Greg Everard: Honk!

Best Director, Play:

Linda-Louise Swain: Hamlet.

Best Contribution to Theatre Music:

Richard Campbell: Musical direction for The Pirates of Penzance.

Best Contribution to Theatre Dance:

Vivienne von Memerty: Choreography: The Prates of Penzance.

Best Musical Routine:

Vivienne Von Memerty: Choreography: With Catlike Tread in The Pirates of Penzance.


Centrestage, for a variety of successful presentations.

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