Goal in life to make difference

ANIMAL Anti-Cruelty League crusader Patsy Wagner is this week’s La Femme lunch date guest at News Cafe at The Boardwalk. The caring Hillside resident spoke about her roots in the Mother City, her love of animals and humankind, and her undying need to help others.

What makes the AACL unique as a welfare organisation, is that it sends out mobile clinics to scope areas and collect abused and homeless animals.

Wagner loves that the people of Port Elizabeth are so friendly, and that there is such a large sense of community.

“In every neighbourhood, or area, the people know each other. It’s such a small world here,” Wagner said.

Her hilarious anecdotes, including that of how she, as a young girl, spotted former president Nelson Mandela at an airport and he winked at her, and her profound need to improve humanity and its environment, altogether paint a picture of a woman who knows who she is, and what her goal in life is.

She is a regular at News Cafe and loves that there are always so many people walking around, especially at the Boardwalk, “it’s so alive”.

Wagner expressed her concerns over the treatment of animals during the festive season, and how some who receive puppies as gifts don’t know how to handle the responsibility.

“In the case that you really can’t take care of a puppy, make sure to give it to a proper welfare organisation. Don’t just give it to someone to get rid of, make sure they go somewhere where they are wanted and cared for.”

I picked the News Cafe because I like the food, the music and atmosphere. There’s always interesting people around.

I’ll know I’ve made it when I see the positive change among people in our city as a result of the work I have done.

I love my job because I started out as a tea girl at another company before joining the Animal Anti-Cruelty League as a volunteer, and now I am going on 30 years.

The person who has taught me the most is my mother. She was a religious woman, always teaching others to help out, and to remain humble.

I have a soft spot for those that are less fortunate. My heart goes out to the homeless, the frail elders, the helpless, the oppressed, and those that are enslaved by addiction and are in need of help.

I should have studied towards becoming a social worker.

I love to party with my friends and family.

I always listen to my heart, when it comes to caring and sharing.

My music weakness is anything from the ’60s.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a smile on people’s faces. I love seeing joy and unity.

My favourite item of clothing is a pair of pants. It is comfortable and easy to wear, especially regarding my daily work.

I absolutely hate people that are nasty.

I share my life with family and animals. I am a married lady with five children and 11 grandchildren, and I have two dogs and a cat.

I can’t go a day without thanking God for a new day. Death is so sudden we should love and appreciate each other every day.

My favourite places in the metro include Cleary Park Shopping Centre – it’s near my house and my work place, everybody knows everybody – and The Boardwalk [because] I enjoy watching the people and taking in the atmosphere.

  • Contact the AACL at (041) 456-1776 (phone and fax) or send an e-mail to vismat@intekom.co.za


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