Always better on big screen

IT WAS quite literally a movie moment for Jocelyn Pillay, 25, of Walmer Downs when her Grahamstown-based boyfriend, Theeran Naidoo, 29, popped the question in big screen style.


Theeran, who works as a support engineer at Rhodes University, proposed to Jocelyn on a giant movie poster featuring the two of them “promoting” the fictional movie, Marry Me, at Walmer Park Shopping Centre’s Nu Metro cinema during the opening of one of 2012’s biggest movie releases, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.

“I always wanted to do a movie-themed proposal, but I was extremely nervous. The closer we got to the cinema the more I started to sweat and the heavier my breathing got, not to mention the dreaded shakes,” laughed Theeran who shares a love of movies with his Durban-born fiancee.

Jocelyn has lived in Port Elizabeth for the past 13 years where she attended Linkside High School, while Port Elizabeth-born Theeran was at Westering.

The couple met through mutual friends and although they now live in separate towns, they try to spend as much time as possible together.

This includes a standing movie date every second Friday which gave rise to Theeran’s cunning plan.

A plan which almost didn’t work out because Jocelyn, a stickler for routine, didn’t understand why their movie date had to be moved to a Saturday.

Theeran only arrives in Port Elizabeth on a Friday evening and because he still had to pick up the engagement ring and arrange everything with his friend Lorenzio Bonani, of Nu Metro he had to make up a story about why he had to move the date from Friday to Saturday.

This piqued Jocelyn’s curiosity and to add more confusion, Theeran insisted she buy the tickets this time around.

“I’m usually the one who buys the popcorn and he gets the tickets, so when he told me to get the tickets, I was still questioning him while waiting in the queue,” said the excited bride-to-be who admits that although Theeran ’s heart is what she loves most, his dimples are what initially caught her eye.

A relieved Theraan explained how he ended up proposing, “As she approached the counter, I got out the ring and gradually edged forward to be a little closer behind her. She didn’t quite click about the poster yet and didn’t seem to want to look up. The lady helping her, and who was in on my plan, drew her attention to the poster and she immediately turned around to face me. I was already waiting on one knee, ring in my shaking hand,” Theraan said.

“I remember looking up and seeing the poster for Marry Me showing at Cinema 3 I turned back and he was kneeling down. I was so shocked! My face got really hot as the place was packed due to the Breaking Dawn opening. He asked and I said yes! Everyone was applauding, it was really an unforgettable moment,” Jocelyn said.

Theeran’s poster was such a hit, the staff even received ticket requests!

“One lady came over to me and said her and her husband were standing in the queue earlier and she had told her husband, that it looked like a nice romantic movie to watch, little did she know that the actors where right there,” laughs Theraan who adds that he can’t wait to marry his best friend.

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