Kuier, knit and listen at Stoepsitfees in Rhodes

THERE are just five weeks to go to “Ready, Steady, Sit”!

Balls of wool and knitting needles await participants on the “stoepe” in Rhodes as the annual Stoepsitfees gets under way on February 12.

The idea is for Stoepsitfeesters to wander from stoep to stoep, enjoying coffee and cake or wine and snacks while knitting 20x20cm squares which will be sewn together to make blankets. The blankets are then auctioned at the Wild Trout Flyfishing Festival held in March each year. Two blankets produced during the 2013 Stoepsitfees were sold for R2000, which translated into 16 blankets being given to the oldest residents of nearby Zakhele, ages ranging from 72 to 91.

There is no formal programme and the essence of the Stoepsitfees is meeting and mingling. The event creates the opportunity for participants to meet local residents and enjoy the venerable rural tradition of stoepsitting on stoeps in and around Rhodes. It also allows “stoep owners” the opportunity of meeting visitors they may not have had the opportunity of meeting otherwise.

Stoep owners have a wide variety of things on sale, ranging from tea to tequila as well as snacks, scones, meals, arts and crafts, pottery, hand-painted clothing and anecdotes dating back to “toeka se tyd”!

The general consensus in 2013 was that two days did not allow sufficient time to “kuier lekker op elke stoep”. Consequently, the 2014 Rhodes Stoepsitfees has been extended to become a four-day event which will be held from February 12 to 16. This will allow participants to not only “kuier lekker op elke stoep” but to also attend the multi- denominational church service on the last day of the Stoepsitfees.

To participate, a Rhodes Stoepsitfees passport is essential. Each stoep has its own unique passport stamp so that each participant’s passport can be “tjapped” to record the visit.

Passports together with a “goodie bag” including an event guidebook complete with Google Earth images showing the location of the various “stoepe” are available at a cost of R200/person.

Send an e-mail to contact@rhodestourism.co.zaand a passport application form will be forwarded to you to set the process in motion Also visit www.rhodesvillage.co.zafor more information.

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