Lose those few festive kilos by going dancing

IT was the season to be jolly, but they never tell you it’s also the season that your figure will invariably go. Being a voluptuous woman I need a lot of fuel, not in a Miss Piggy kind-of-way, but just enough to stay energised.

I may have overdone it though as my nieces told me that my curves were no longer curvaceous, but rather more like slopes. That sent your gossip girl running straight for a gym subscription.

Don’t sweat it – I don’t plan to become model svelte just yet – and I have no regrets as every gram gained has good memories attached.

One way to burn off fuel is to dance the night away, and spots like Balizza were abuzz thanks to great music. But getting into the swing of things was a mission at times as the place got so packed there was hardly room to move to any beat.

I incorrectly put it out there that Finnezz gets so crammed it’s like you’re part of a sardine run when I actually meant their sister party spot, Balizza.

Summer is as much about grooving as about romance and so it was great to hear of Boardwalk “it” girl Caley Phillips’s engagement to Nathan May. You will recall I have been talking about this cute couple for a while and they have finally made it official… I hope my wedding invite will be in the post soon.

Speaking of romance, Danny K graced our shores over the festive season with a concert to promote his new CD, Good Look. I must say he gained a new fan after he lost me following his initial CD offering.

He and wife, Lisa, set social networks into a frenzy with news they are expecting a bundle of joy. Danny really is a handsome specimen and so the old adage “all the good ones are taken” comes to mind.

Since summer is a time for new experiences, I also discovered the Theescombe wine estate – what a quaint place and what value for money it offered. I felt like a full-on wine connoisseur after the afternoon as we were taken though the various wines.

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