Foodie spot with a hint of lemon

IT’S not often – if ever – that you are greeted with a menu at a foodie spot that immediately tells you an engaging, true-life story.

But at Life With Lemons – a name which is soon fully explained – in Main Road, Walmer, owner Lynda Davies invites you in the warmest of ways to share in her very personal tale of its origins.

I’ll leave it to her to tell in her own words the touching and inspirational story when you visit – suffice to say that it was being diagnosed with a serious illness four years ago that set her on her current career path.

Being told that “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade” triggered a philosophy, as Lynda puts it, of taking a sour, bitter “lemon” situation and turning it into a sweet, more-ish and refreshing “lemonade”.

So what better way to start off lunch on a perfect summer’s day on the festively decorated balcony of Life With Lemons than with some of that very lemonade (R22) which my lunch guest, Linda-Louise and I found really hit the spot.

In a highly practical and quaint serving method, you are supplied with a small bottle of “homemade lemonade syrup”, a bottle of sparkling or still water and a glass with ice so that you are able to mix your lemonade exactly to your liking. Truly refreshing.

The menu – not surprisingly bursting with healthy options – caters to all tastes and appetites.

There is a range of “all-day breakfasts” starting from just R20 and an extensive kids’ menu which we were delighted to see – in addition to conventional items – also offers a salad surprise: a nutritious serving of carrots, cucumber, tomato and cheese for just R14.

Linda-Louise selected the vegetable cous cous salad (R48) served with parsley, pinenuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and basil pesto.

The extremely generous portion was a colourful presentation and, after tucking in, she gave it a thumbs-up, commenting particularly on the variety of tantalising flavours.

My Greek salad with avocado pear and sprouts topped with chicken strips (R54) was an equally hearty serving with the addition of greens, tomatoes and the creamiest of salad dressings.

It was scrumptious with the chicken strips perfectly tender and succulent and just the dish for a hot day.

There are also smoked chicken or smoked trout options at the same price.

Other main items include a homemade beef burger with bacon, guacamole and cheese served with homemade chips (R58); a grilled chicken fillet burger with honey mustard mayonnaise and chips for R52; and savoury pancakes with a choice of fillings, topped with cheesy white sauce and served with a salad (R46), among other items.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is also a long list of tempting sweet treats. Another instance of making life even sweeter with lemons, you could say. This was a charming outing at an airy, friendly venue with attentive service.

Life With Lemons is situated at 278 Main Road, Walmer and is open Tuesdays to Fridays 7.30am to 3pm, and Saturdays 8am to 4pm.

Contact: (041) 581-4298

Restaurant visits are unannounced and paid for in full.

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