Xoliswa Mtulu- Dotwana: double dessert delight

MILL Park law student and mom Xoliswa Mtulu-Dotwana, who in her episode was teamed with eventual winner Drew Serfontein, of Algoa FM, glam housewife Mariska Schewitz and vampish asset manager Jill Wakeford, is sharing two dessert festive-table recipes.

“The first, spiced trifle, is one I have adapted quite heavily from a recipe I saw in a magazine a few years ago. It has all those lovely Christmas spices flavouring the jelly, while the pannetone is also very festive,” said Xoliswa, who likes to go “all out” at Christmas.

“The other dessert, my raspberry mille feuille, is great for dinner parties any time of year as it’s a very pretty dessert.

“You have to use good-quality pastry though – the all-butter one from Woolies is ideal.”


For the jelly3 cups cranberry juice

3 star anise and 1 stick cinnamon

1 to 2Tbsp caster sugar

1 orange or a couple of clementines

4 tsp gelatine powder

For the pannetone mascarpone:

150g pannetone

250ml tub mascarpone

5 Tbsp good strong coffee

5 Tbsp coffee liqueur

2 eggs

2 to 3 Tbsp caster sugar

For the fruitChopped strawberries


MethodFor the jelly, place juice, sugar and spices in a small pot or pan, add the citrus peel and squeezed juice, then boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat.

Place gelatine in a jug and cover with about five tablespoons of boiling water – stir to dissolve, then strain the cranberry juice into the gelatine, making sure it has all dissolved. Pour into serving glasses (third of a glass) and refrigerate overnight.

In two bowls separate the whites from the yolks, whisk the egg whites till soft peaks form, then mix the yolks, mascarpone, sugar and three tablespoons of the liqueur; fold egg whites into mascarpone mixture.

Dip the pannetone pieces in the coffee and remaining liqueur and fold into mascarpone mixture.

Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Layer the mascarpone mixture on the jelly and top with chopped fruit.


All butter puff pastry

200g raspberries

Icing sugar

250ml cream

Vanilla pod/teaspoon vanilla extract or powder

MethodDust working surface with icing sugar. Roll out puff pastry. Cut into equal-sized rectangles, place on lined baking sheet, sprinkle more icing sugar on pastry, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Bake at 215°C for five minutes or till slightly puffed, take out, sprinkle with more icing sugar and place back into oven. Repeat, take out, and leave to cool. Whisk cream and vanilla, adding four tablespoons of castor sugar. Blend a handful of the raspberries with a stick blender, add a teaspoon of castor sugar to make it a little more liquid. Place dots of raspberry puree on the first pastry square, then pipe blobs of the cream on. Place raspberries on top of each blob. To layer, pipe the bottom side in the middle of the next square and place on top of the raspberries.

Repeat for a higher stack or finish with cream and raspberries on top.

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