New owners brew up fresh design to homegrown pub

THERE’S nothing quite like a solid-looking but unquestionably friendly watering hole and eatery to dust off the stresses of the work day and allow you to chill easily into the evening.

The Brewmaster in Port Elizabeth has been around a long time but just recently has been taken over by new owners who have breathed a breath of fresh air into the Newton Park establishment.

Gone is the slightly overcast and dour feel to the pozzie to be replaced by a lighter touch – an airiness which is helped by sunnier furnishings, brighter tablecloths, better illumination and, as a result, an improved sense of bonhomie all round.

It just shows you what can be done with a bit of tweaking without having to make massive changes to a spot which already has a good design and layout when it comes to a pub-restaurant combo.

The City Slukker, who has visited a couple of times, is always pleased to see a good array of draught on tap and at the lengthy J-shaped bar there is a station of Castle, Black Label, Hansa and Castle Lite, and a selection of Mitchell’s Brewery taps to choose from.

The slukker’s 500ml Castle served up properly chilled was R19, which is middle of the road ground price-wise and on the higher side, but he’s always still relieved to pay less than 20 bucks these days when he notes what sluk-dens are charging in Jozi.

The Brewmaster has always had a good kitchen operation with plenty of table seating inside and on its deck and exterior patio area.

And – apart from regular menu items – has terrific R50 meal specials at the moment like Guinness pie, salad and chips; steak, egg, veg and chips or hake, salad and chips.

Big screen TVs are strategically placed to allow you an uninterrupted view whether you are and a completely separate area houses two pool tables.

A New Year’s Eve gig on December 31 will feature the Bay City Rockers from midday to 5pm which means you can swing in 2014 nice and slowly before heading off to a house party of wherever you’re going to be doing that Auld Lang Syne thing.

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