Confidence is the best gift – Cayly

Neo Bodumela

NOT everyone may have the eloquence of Barack Obama when delivering a speech or the stand-out presence of his wife, Michelle, but these are skills which can be learnt, according to Port Elizabeth public speaker and writer Cayly Warner.

It is this precise thinking that has led Warner to host a women’s workshop called “All I Want for Christmas is Confidence” which will be held on Saturday at Alley Cat Theatre in Stanley Street.

She said during her work as a speaker at different events, she has often been approached by women to teach them the basics of public speaking. “Throughout my dealings with people, public speaking at events and so on, I have noticed a common theme.

“So many women have said to me how they wish they to could speak well and have often asked for tips or tricks of the trade,” Warner said.

“Now for some this is a very daunting idea. I mean, a microphone looks as if it could eat you alive.

“It’s much easier to hide away and stay comfortable in your shy corner, but eventually you will be called out and required to use your voice and even speak.”

As a rape survivor, Warner said her talks are mainly centred around her journey and how she survived.

“Generally, it depends what the organisers of the event want me to talk about. But mostly, I talk about my journey of healing and sometimes I also discuss women-related issues such as confidence and so forth,” she said.

Warner said the 90-minute workshop would include lessons on how to make a good impression, acquiring confidence in a crowd and more.

“This is going it be a fun, and insightful workshop done in a nurturing and caring environment. We will all giggle, make mistakes but hopefully you will walk away having gained some very powerful tools.

“Tools that will help you make a good first impression, understand how to use a microphone if need be, tailor your own voice – not to all sound like Miss Hollywood 2014 – but to use your voice to its best ability, acquiring confidence in a crowd and making a speech with confidence just to name a few.”

“All I Want for Christmas is Confidence” will be held from 10am and tickets cost R200 for one of 10 spots which is still available for the workshop.

ýFor further information, contact Warner on 084-367-3213.

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