Tuck into tasty country fare, under a grass roof

Gillian McAinsh

THE December holidays are the time of year when visiting family makes you scratch your head and think “what on earth are we going to do with them today?”

You’ve been up to hunt for elephants at Addo, it’s too windy for the beach and no one can agree on a movie they all want to see. How about a family outing to the new Grass Roof farm stall, coffee shop and bakery?

You don’t even need to drive far, as the Grass Roof is on the corner of Heron Road and the new Seaview Road, on the way to Sardinia Bay.

Manager Godfrey Schickerling is an experienced restaurant hand who oversees a capable team who have found themselves much busier than they anticipated.

The menu is small but adequate with a range of breakfasts, cakes and light meals.

Salads include unusual offerings like calamari and chorizo, or beetroot, orange and feta, while hot dishes include pies and specials along with pasta, burgers and even soup.

Toasted sandwiches are served with either a salad or potato wedges.

The bakery in the farm-stall section offers giant cupcakes and there is even a gluten-free chocolate brownie on offer.

The big bonus is for children as the Grass Roof’s restaurant opens out onto a fenced-in grassed area with a playground. If you have a tech-addicted teenager, they can tap into the free Wi-Fi while the little kids run riot outside, clambering over a pair of old tractors and other equipment.

Pick up a freshly baked ciabatta, beautifully packed free-range eggs and a jar of Grass Roof peach preserve from the bakery and farm-stall on the way home.

The Grass Roof is open from 8am to 5pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.

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