Fun times adjust to honour world icon

IT has been a sad but also inspiring week as we have witnessed the wonderful and touching tributes and accolades flowing in from all over the world for our beloved Madiba.

His passing certainly affected the night life in Port Elizabeth, but I made my way to the beachfront and Saturday night was way different for Cubana which was fully packed with no space to move.

DJ Diamond Dealer was on form – I like the way he blends old-school music from your old kwaito and house hits with today’s music. For a second, I actually forgot about the stampede.

On Sunday yours truly made her way to the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium for the Sevens Rugby. Wow! I must say it was such a colourful event. Fans came dressed in all manner of costumes – Santa Claus, babies in nappies complete with dummies – you name it.

I am not a rugby fan but I must say I found myself drooling over those rugby players.

It was also good to see some of those players taking photos with fans. Again, the Father of the Nation brought everyone at the stadium together and the boys did us proud as they won the international tournament.

Talk about a true Madiba magic moment – I just could not help but shed a tear.

I am not sure about the Cape Town group performing. Weren’t there any artists from the Bay who could have done better?

At the Port Elizabeth City Hall during the internationally televised memorial service being broadcast from the FNB Stadium near Soweto on Tuesday, I spotted social development MEC Pemmy Majodina.

She is such a cutie-pie and I loved that black coat she was wearing.

I am not sure about Maria Hermans’s outfit for the day, though. Dahling, you are the speaker of the council. That red T-shirt and three-quarter jeans were a no-no!

Skinnerbek also appreciates the performing artists who preferred to postpone their Bay shows this week – it is a time to be quiet and to do some soul searching. And even a Skinnerbek knows when to zip it.

This was a week purely for our icon.

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