Sizzling summer stun power within reach, but at a price

GETTING ready for summer may be more taxing on the average woman and the year-end bonus than it seems. Depending on the kinds of treatments you want to have, summer readiness can cost thousands of rands, with even modest preparation starting at around R2 000.

Manager at Curves gym in Walmer, Natasha Blignaut, says the monthly cost of the gym depends on how much weight a client wants to lose.

“There are different rates but we do offer a basic rate of about R289 per month for gym membership.

“But we also offer a complete programme, including dietary, exercise and nutritional help for the client and the price would depend on how much weight the person wants to lose. We would recommend an average goal of about five to eight kilos per month.”

Dietitian Rene Smalberger says although there are no specific prescribed rates for dietitians, most dietitians in Port Elizabeth charge about R440. However, prices also depend on how much time the client spends with the dietitian.

Camelot Spa’s Nicole Weiss says depending on the type of wax, women could pay as little as R160 for a leg wax and up to R250 for a full Hollywood leg wax.

Bernita Teixeira of Shambala Wellness Spa says “sugaring” – using sugar waxing – costs about R110, while a normal waxing costs between R110 and R185.

At Georgiou Boutique Hotel and Spa, manicures and pedicures to get those hands and feet looking right, cost between R150 and up to R220.

Average prices for summer readiness include the following:


  • Bikini wax: between R100 and R140, depending on the time spent.
  • Brazilian wax: between R160 and R200. 
  • Full leg wax: R190 to R270. 
  • Spray tan: from about R260 to R440.
  • Manicure: about R150 to R220. 
  • Pedicure: R 160 to R250. 
  • Eye-brow threading or tweezing/shaping: about R50
  • Eye-lash extensions: about R350 for a full set of lash extensions 


  • Gym membership per month: about R289 per month.
  • Personal trainer: from about R170 to R300 per session 


  • Dietitian’s consultation: About R400 to R440 for the first consultation.
  • Weighless: R165 joining fee and monthly cost of R220; R595 for a 13-week contract. 


  • New bikini: Ranging from R69.99 for a bikini bottom and R69.99 for a bikini top at Mr Price to about R450 for both the bottom and top at Sportsman’s Warehouse
  • Sun cream: Clicks Sun Protect SPF50 hand and body lotion, R89.95.
  • Towel: From R99.95 at Ackermans to about R200 at Sportsman’s Warehouse for a large one. 
  • Beach bag: Woolworths woven stripe straw shopper, R150.
  • Sunglasses: Ranging from about R49.99 at Mr Price to about R250 at Woolworths.
  • Hat: From about R69.99 at Mr Price to about R150 at Woolworths.


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