Lady Bee brings dancehall to Bay

DANCEHALL artist Lady Bee has short-cut her way to fame, thanks to a barrage of controversial lyrics and dare-devil hard-hitting adult content.

The 24-year-old Bee, who performs in Port Elizabeth tonight, has set tongues wagging through her raw adult content which she spews in her songs with seemingly reckless abandon.

She has in the process performed in front of sold out venues in England, Ireland and the Caribbean.

“Controversy is my middle name and my customers are always very satisfied,” the petite long-haired damsel said in an interview with The Herald.

“I know I take things to the extremes but, hey, deep down there I know there are so many people who secretly enjoy my music. Besides my good looks and voice I also have the body to show I can dance,” she boasted.

She further said even top politicians cheered her on despite her almost bizarre stunts during live performances. She claims her dance routine would make Chomee look like a novice. She performs with three girls who are equally mistresses at their own game.

Born in a restrictive Zimbabwe, the dancehall queen said she hoped one day she would be able to exercise her art without any restrictions or fear of reprisals.

“Dancehall is now big especially in Johannesburg and Harare. It is the new wave taking over from where kwaito left off,” she said.

In one of her most popular songs titled Jekiseni Zihombe (Big Syringe), Lady Bee courts controversy when she describes her bedroom needs as being super-sized. The song has gone viral on many social networks and YouTube.

What sets Lady Bee apart as a dancehall musician is her ability to fuse Nguni languages into a beat that is predominantly Caribbean.

Her rhyming scheme and rich language use presents music that is full of imagery and that appeals to the five senses in a unique way that makes even first-time listeners get to grips with her content.

While being a master of humour on one hand, Lady Bee’s content does not come veiled about the dangers of infidelity and she lambastes men who resort to raping women.

She strongly speaks out about HIV/Aids and implores African leaders to put more resources into fighting the scourge. While her methods are crude, she does get the message across without beating about the bush.

Lady Bee will perform for one night only in Parliament Street at Dash Nite Club tonight. Tickets are R100 at the door. To join her whatsapp group add 078-611-4187 or follow @goldteethsound for info.

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