Weddings and Celebrations: Surprised by love

WEDDING bells weren’t the only instruments Luchae Gie, 30, heard when her fiance Christopher Williams, 27, popped the question on December 30 last year. In fact a backing track and a group of church leaders were in on the act when Christopher, a small business owner and music producer from Cotswold, surprised her with an unforgettable proposal.

“We were meant to perform a song together and had rehearsed it for an entire day. But when we got on stage the music that started playing was not the song I had expected,” said Luchae, who attended St Thomas High School and now works as a sales administrator at Maritime Motors.

Instead, the usually shy Christopher used the opportunity to serenade Luchae in front of their whole congregation at Word of Faith church with The Thief by Brooke Fraser – a song close to both of their hearts – before going on one knee and asking her to marry him.

“The whole church started cheering and I just started crying because I knew, this was it,” said the Malabar based bride-to-be.

Luchae says that she didn’t suspect a thing even though Christopher had made a point of inviting her father to that evening’s service. “He is not a public speaker and can be very shy so it was a bold move, it was perfect,” said the bubbly songstress about her fiance, a funny yet introverted performer who loses his shy persona when on stage.

The only glitch in an otherwise perfect evening is that Luchae’s mother and Luchae’s 11-year-old son, Kyle, were out of town. However, Christopher’s family, his seven-yearold son, Seth, and their “church family” were there to witness the special moment.

Christopher, who attended Bethelsdorp High School, says they want to spend the rest of their lives together and this made him confident of her answer, but he still couldn’t help but get butterflies in his stomach when she hesitated.

“She just took so long to say yes, yikes!” said Christopher, adding that he couldn’t think of a better place to propose, than on stage at church. “It is where we met and where we got to know each other. Then there is the music aspect; it’s just who we are,” he said.

The pair met after a friend put together a band with Luchae on vocals and Christopher on guitar. Although sparks flew on stage, they hit it off as friends. Yet they did not envisage any romance. “We became really good friends, wrote songs together and played gigs in and around Port Elizabeth, but things changed when one day we sang together and I suddenly felt awkward sharing a microphone with him,” said Luchae, who initially denied her feelings.

Things changed for her during a praise and worship session in church months later when she saw Christopher singing his heart out.

“It was such a wow moment,” she says

Christopher says he found Luchae attractive from the start but didn’t want to ruin the friendship so he continued denying his feelings despite blatantly making an effort to spend extra time with her.

“After practices I would conveniently forget to drop her off, I would drive past her house and drop everyone else off first, then drive all the way back in the opposite direction so I could spend time alone with her,” says Christopher.

The pair no longer have to steal time together as they will be pledging their lives to each other in a music-themed wedding on December 16.

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